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*Here is the document by age for tryouts this coming weekend.
Remember girls must attend at least one of the two dates to be considered in the draft.
8 year old girls do not need to attend tryouts unless they would like to be considered to “play up” in our 10u division. *

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Baseball Tryout Numbers

Posted by League Administrator at Apr 2, 2018 12:52PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

See previous post for age groups tryout dates and times!!!!!

Please safety pin a white paper to your child’s shirt with their number written in black marker. Or better yet have them wear a white t-shirt over their regular shirt with the number written in black marker right on the shirt. Please make the numbers large as most coaches are old and of poor eyesight.


Daniel Armstrong 1
Elijah Arnold 2
Gabe Ausfeld 3
Anthony Bertorelli 4
Cameron Burch 5
Desmond Conrad-Ferm 6
Aiden Corniell 7
Dean Dargan 8
Adam DiVenere 9
Jack Fanelli 10
Nicolas Fellows 11
Joshua Gohl 12
Jacob Habernig 13
Liam Lenuso 14
Colin Kordich 15
Colin Kotsol 16
Ty Monroe 17
Max Morris 18
Thomas Murphy 19
Cortland Norcross 20
Jamison O’Malley 21
Avery Pachay 22
Nolin Panaro 23
Jacob Panchak 24
Kieran Papa 25
Damien Riozzi 26
Beau Ross 27
Michael Sasso 28
Teaghan Senor 29
Pierce Tierney 30


Mason Bach 31
Hayden Barros 32
Marco Bocchimuzzo 33
Trevor Bodie 34
Liam Boek 35
Blake Campbell 36
Myles Coons 37
Odin Covert 38
Griffin DeCicco 39
Daccota Gutierrez 62
Jesse Incalcaterra 40
Ethan Kane 41
Anthony Lewoc 42
Boston MacDonald 43
Gavin McPeek 44
Lucas Miller 45
Jackson Mullen 46
Carter Nelson 47
Caleb Nelson 48
Rodney Nuzzi, Jr. 49
Braden Palen 50
Jack Parisio 51
Tanner Pesce 52
Alexander Rine 53
McCoy Rothe 54
Issac Taylor 55
Vince Trocchio 56
Landon VanGaasbeck 57
Ty VanValkenburg 58
Zachory Wade 59
Dylan Welch 60
Peter Yaun 61


Ezra Cafaldo 1
Zachary Burns 2
Leo Daggett 4
Kristian Bach 5
Domenic DeFelice 6
Zane DeVries-Lepson 7
Anders Forrest 8
Aidan Johnson 9
Samuel Launer 10
Travis Linzey 11
Dylan McCaig 12
Jacob Monroe 13
Matthew Montano 14
Vincenzo Neglia 18
Anghus Park 19
Cameron Reece 20
Benjamin Reynolds 21
Tyler Sinnott 22
Kenny Wamsley 25
Ryan Haberski 26


Mario Lewis 29
Hugo Baptista 33
Tanner Barros 34
Eli Bowers 35
Logan DePasquale 38
Aero Ferrendino 40
Owen Gallagher 41
Austin Hollis 42
Jace Hunter 43
Garrett Johnson 44
Zakary Jurkowski 45
Joon Kraft 46
Rowan Leahy 48
Iain Lydecker 50
Andrew Mulford 51
Joseph Maloney 52
Brady Reynolds 54
Shay Ryan 55
Joseph Santiago 56
Julian Silinovich 58
Nicholas Stinemire 59
Aaron Tsukroff 67
Damon Weishaupt 64
Mason Wright 65
Jacob Zicot 66
Liam Turk 60
Jace VanValkenburg 61
Nathin Winne 68

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Baseball Tryout Update

Posted by League Administrator at Apr 1, 2018 10:15AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The following are the times for Baseball tryouts on 4/7/2018 and 4/14/2018. Rainout dates are 4/8 & 4/14.

League age is determined by the age the child will be on 8/31/2018.

League Age 9 years old
April 7, 2018 9am on Sauer Field
April 14, 2018 10am of Sauer Field

League Age 10 years old
April 7, 2018 10am Sauer Field
April 14, 2018 9am Sauer Field

League Age 11 years old
April 7, 2018 9am Fick Field
April 14, 2018 10am Fick Field

League Age 12 years old
April 7, 2018 10am Fick Field
April 14, 2018 9am Fick Field

Tryout numbers to be posted separately.

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Softball Tryout Update ...

Posted by Saugerties Little League at Mar 30, 2018 8:25PM PDT

Good evening.
For all who signed up for the 2018 season …
Tryout dates are next Saturday the 7th and the following Saturday the 14th for both baseball and softball. Times vary. It is encouraged that players attend both but need to attend one to be placed in the draft for our 12u and 10u divisions. Players absent from both tryouts will be placed on teams alphabetically by age (oldest to youngest) when the draft is complete.

Softball side- tryout numbers to follow

Field 4: 10U coordinator – Stefanie Tucker
League age 9(born in 2008) at 9 am
League age 10 (born in 2007) at 10 am
League age 8 (born in 2009) at 11 am

  • some girls that are league age 8 will be drafted to our 10u program as we have 6-7 spots open. If you do not want your league age 8 player considered to “play up” they do not need to attend tryouts.
    Everyone is invited and welcome to come and shake the dust off !!

Field 3: 12u coordinator – Ginger Bassett Vail
League age 11(born in 2006) at 11 am
League age 12(born in 2005) at 12 pm

Field 3: April 14th only- Linda Fitzpatrick
Sr league (born between 2004-2001) 1pm

We are excited for the 2018 season – kick off OPENING DAY April 28th rain date April 29th
Parade at 9 am . Games to follow.

8u and younger … rosters will be finalized by April 15th and you should hear by the evening of the 16th at the latest.


With a heavy heart, the Saugerties Little League mourns the loss of Gladys Hutton. Gladys was the league’s longest running President, a stretch that lasted from 1982 through 2007, but her tenure as the face of the league was part of 34 years of service to our league.

Gladys was the driving force behind establishing the girls softball program in the early 1970s and coached the 1976 team that reached the state final. She later moved on to becoming a league board member, its first information officer, and then our President. She bore witness to 30 different District Championships at all levels of the league including 6 consecutive 11/12 softball titles from 1995-1999 and 4 straight from 1976-1979.

In 2008, the league dedicated field #4 in her honor. When she was approached about the idea of the dedication, she stated “I built that field”. She built more than a field. She built a community and a way of life for so many who love this game and have come through this league. It’s difficult to put 34 years of service in a nutshell – but one thing is very clear – Gladys has done so many things for a child and a parent that none of us will ever know about and could never have imagined. She has touched so many lives through her efforts that there is no way to thank her for all she has done. As one of Gladys’ friends once said to her, “I never offered to help because I never thought you needed any – everything ran so smoothly.” It’s a statement that says it all. The results of her hard work and tireless dedication made it seem like help wasn’t necessary. The truth is, without that hard work and tireless dedication, the Saugerties Little League would not have achieved this level of consistent excellence without her.

Saugerties has always been a Baseball Town dating back to the roots of Martin Cantine. Gladys made it a Softball town too. Her chair will always remain behind home plate on the field that bears her name. May you rest in peace Gladys.